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WireBids offers a robust technology platform, top-notch customer service and advertising resources for your auction. Our rates are very competitive, and we’ll assist you every step of the way. Why limit yourself to a local auction? Through the Internet, you can reach the world’s largest marketplace. Bidders from all over the world will be able to view and place bids on your auctions. You’ll have the ability to make an auction as private or as public as you like, and govern the auction by your own terms and conditions (as long as they don't violate ours).


When you have your auction with WireBids, we help your auction reach more potential bidders with targeted email marketing campaigns and internet marketing. Here is a short summary of the marketing services we offer to every seller:

  • Two email blasts to 64,000 recipients, all likely purchasers of industrial equipment
  • A 25-30% open rate - the number of recipients who read the email they receive
  • Your auction featured on the front page of our website
  • We seek out trade websites specific to the items being sold
  • List expansion to additional targeted markets available
  • Over 10,000 users from 157 countries and growing
  • 50,000 visitors per month
  • 200,000 pageviews per month

Our pricing is competitive and usually requires no up-front commitment from you. Please call us to discuss your auction and the commission options we have for you.


We have representatives standing by to answer any questions a bidder might have about our site or your items.


We have used and studied our competitors' websites and have developed a completely new platform that targets and solves the recurring problems and issues we observed.

  • Users may place bids from the catalog page, the lot page, or their watch list page
  • Users may access their invoices online once bidding has closed
  • YouTube integration for lots where you want to show a video

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Listing Types

Whatever your selling needs are, we’ll help you reach buyers.

WireBids offers two listing formats, each with their own advantages. You’ll be able to reach thousands of buyers through either format.


WireBids’ timed online auctions can be set to last hours, days or weeks, and can be restricted only to certain pools of bidders or bidders that you preapprove. You can list several items grouped together into an auction event, or we can list your item in the Marketplace as a single item auction.


If you’re looking to advertise your inventory with fixed prices, then WireBids Marketplace is for you. Buyers will be able to see your item for sale and make offers or buy it directly through the website. Your listing will last for 30 days until it is renewed or purchased. If you’re interested in listing your entire inventory, we can help you automate the process.

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Seller Application

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Please note that a 'Seller' account is an enhanced version of a 'Bidder' account. You'll still be able to bid on other auctions, but as a seller you'll have the ability to create and edit lots. All auctions are subject to WireBids approval. By applying for a 'Seller' account, you are agreeing to additional terms and conditions.

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